Our Riding Club application is being designed for recreational use for people who want to provide a new level of care for their horse.

Currently in beta testing, the Riding Club application will be loaded onto a owners smart phone and secured to the horse via a purpose built sleeve within a horse’s saddle cloth.  Leveraging Equine Science technology and monitoring functionality common in almost all smart phones, our Riding Club application will be able to provide owners on the general well-being of their horse, location and activity.

 Our Racing & Equine Sports application is currently under development with deep industry engagement to ensure our product meets the real needs of trainers, owners and to achieve our ultimate aim of promoting equine welfare.


Using existing data and our expertise in artificial intelligence, our goal is to build an application that in real time, analyses and predicts the potential of injury, before a horse breaks down or injured.


Our vision is for our artificial intelligence solution benefits all players in the Racing & Equine Sports industry where:

  • Trainers have a new level of dynamic information that promotes optimize the training outcomes for horses

  • Owners gain better trainer outcomes with fewer injuries likely to lead to a longer, more sustainable racing career of the horse

  • Equine Welfare is increased through limiting the level of injury  

We envisage our Racing & Equine Sports product to be available in 2019.


Through our extensive technology and equine industry relationships, our longer term vision is to aggregate multiple technologies into the Equine Science product. 

Our aspiration is to incorporate health diagnostic and veterinarian applications into Equine Science so that our product can be used as a holistic tool to drive, promote and achieve true equine welfare.